Iron Dawn von Richard Snow PDF DJVU

Iron Dawn von Richard Snow PDF DJVU

From acclaimed popular historian Richard Snow, who "writes with verve and a keen eye" (The New York Times Book Review), the thrilling story of the naval battle that not only changed the Civil War but the future of all sea power.No single sea battle has had more far-reaching consequences than the one fought in the harbor at Hampton Roads, Virginia, in March 1862. The Confederacy, with no fleet of its own, built an iron fort containing ten heavy guns on the hull of a captured Union frigate named the Merrimack. The North got word of the project when it was already well along, and, in desperation, commissioned an eccentric inventor named John Ericsson to build the Monitor, an entirely revolutionary iron warship-at the time, the single most complicated machine ever made. Abraham Lincoln himself was closely involved with the ship's design. Rushed through to completion in just 100 days, it mounted only two guns, but they were housed in a shot-proof...
Iron Dawn von Richard Snow PDF DJVU
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  • Ursprünglicher Titel: Iron Dawn
  • Autor des buches: Richard Snow
  • ISBN: 978-1476794204
  • Sprache: DE
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  • Datum angeben: 2016-11-01

Iron Dawn von Richard Snow PDF DJVU

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